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Bioethics courses Fall 2014

BIOETHICS Director Deb Debruin“There is a growing need for top-notch educational programs in bioethics. Our program provides the opportunity to study at an interdisciplinary program situated in a major research university with a premier Bioethics Center.”

Debra DeBruin, PhD


The Center for Bioethics offers a Masters program in Bioethics, and a Graduate Minor in Bioethics

For more information email: bthxed@umn.edu  


Steven Miles, MD, is quoted in Vice News about the use of lubricants in force feeding of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

Prof. Wolf to lead legal & ethical analysis of DNA nanotechnology

Prof. Susan Wolf is collaborating on a newly funded project on “DNA Nanotechnology: Developing and Analyzing a New Tool for Sensing and Targeting Disease.” This 2-year project, funded by the University’s MnDRIVE Transdisciplinary Research competition, is led by Prof. Efie Kokkoli (Chemical Engineering & Materials Science), with Profs. Karen Ashe, Scott McIvor, Walter Low, Ted Labuza, and Wolf serving as Co-PIs. Prof. Wolf will be leading the project’s work on the ethical, legal, and societal implications of cutting-edge technology combining DNA and nanostructures to treat brain diseases and to detect allergens in food production.

The Center for Bioethics is pleased to co-sponsor the following upcoming conference, organized by.

“What Went Wrong?”
Reflecting and Learning from Community Engaged Research
July 11-12, 2014

Community-engaged research is an inherently messy process due to historically exploitative community/university relationships situated in unequal power dynamics that continue today.

The “What Went Wrong?” conference will provide a space for those working for social justice to come together in active dialogue about what it means for communities and universities to practice deeply engaged research that is reflexive, questions power dynamics, and works toward shifts in practice.

For information and registration.

Steven Miles, MD
, is featured in a story on Fox News about shock punishment used at the Judge Rotenberg Center.

The Center for Bioethics is pleased to announce that its first international student, Amos Laar from Accra, Ghana, has successfully defended his Master’s thesis “Development of ethically appropriate HIV epidemic response strategies in a resource poor setting: the case of Ghana.”

Laar is currently a Senior Lecturer at the School of Public Health, University of Ghana, Accra. His future plans include developing courses in public health ethics and public health approaches to HIV. He will also offer technical support to the Ghana AIDS Commission and its partners as they seek to develop ethically appropriate response strategies to the HIV epidemic in Ghana.

Laar was selected to speak at the 2014 commencement ceremony.          

Congratulations to Center for Bioethics alumnus (and current first year medical student) Ben Rosenstein! Ben was recently awarded a scholarship from Honoring Choices Minnesota, to attend “First Steps Facilitator Training” regarding end-of-life choices.

The Center for Bioethics is pleased to announce that former student intern Eleanor Gillmore-Szott has been accepted into the University of Utah's PhD Philosophy Program.

Center for Bioethics Master’s candidate Richard Weinmeyer, JD, M.Phi., was quoted in The Washington Post’s Health, Science & Environment article "Gay men divided over use of HIV prevention drug.”

Prof. Wolf’s research impacts U.S. & U.K. policy on genomics

The past week has seen significant new impacts from grant projects led by Prof. Wolf on return of results and incidental findings. On March 31, the Wellcome Trust and Medical Research Council-- the major funders of biomedical research in the U.K.-- published a new “Framework on the Feedback of Health-Related Findings in Research.” Its first cite is to NIH-supported work on these issues led by Prof. Wolf at the University’s Consortium on Law and Values in Health, Environment & the Life Sciences. The Framework goes on to discuss the 3-tier approach generated by that work. This new Framework will impact all research supported by the Wellcome Trust and MRC.




























BIOETHICS Amos Laar and Faculty 2014
(L-R) Alan Lifson, MD, MPH; Debra DeBruin, PhD; Amos Laar, BS, MPH, PhD, MA; Leigh Turner, PhD; Steven Miles, MD
BIOETHICS Amos Laar 2014 International Graduate








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