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Regulations and Applying

In April of 2008 an ESCRO Steering Committee made final recommendations on how the University should construct an Embryonic Stem Cell Research Oversight (ESCRO) committee and implement the committee’s functions consistent with National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Guidelines for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research. The ESCRO Steering Committee made recommendations on the composition of the final ESCRO committee, the jurisdiction of the ESCRO committee, the responsibilities of the ESCRO committee, and the ESCRO administrative organization.

ESCRO usually meets quarterly to review proposals. Proposals are approved for 5 years. Two tiers of review are possible: 1. Expedited administrative review without a full committee vote (for use of federally approved hES cell lines studied in culture only, and use of hES cell lines for teratoma formation in immunodeficient mice only). 2. Full committee review.

Investigators should submit proposals to do work under the jurisdiction of the ESCRO committee using the forms that can be downloaded at this website. Forms for adding personnel, adding study titles, protocol amendments, and a required annual renewal form for all approved protocols.

It is important to note that the following research should be considered impermissible at this time at the University of Minnesota. (These are according to National Academy of Science Guidelines):

  • Any studies that involve in vitro culture of any intact human embryo, regardless of derivation method, for longer than 14 days or until formation of the primitive streak begins, whichever occurs first
  • Research in which hES cells are introduced into nonhuman primate blastocysts, or in which animal or human ES cells are introduced into human blastocysts In addition:
  • Studies in which an animal, in which hES cells have been introduced at any stage of development, is allowed to breed.

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