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Personnel Directory

Research Animal Resources/Veterinary Services .....612- 624-9100

  • Patricia Mercer Sass, Executive Secretary
  • Alex Bolduan, Office Support Asst.

The ON CALL VETERINARIAN pager number is listed by the phone in all housing areas.  Or call 612-624-9100.


  • Cynthia Gillett, DVM, ACLAM, CPIA Director, Institutional Veterinarian
  • Christine Sivula, DVM, ACLAM, Assistant Director and Area Veterinarian - Biomedical Discovery District
  • Angela Craig, DVM, Area Veterinarian -Standard SPF Areas
  • Christina Larson, DVM, Area Veterinarian - High Barrier SPF Areas, Rodent Quarantine, BSL2
  • Sara Hashway, DVM, Area Veterinarian - Biomedical Discovery District
  • Nellie Hangge, DVM, Area Veterinarian - Post-Op, Conventional
  • Paul Berger, DVM, Area Veterinarian - St. Paul
  • Krista Walkowiak, DVM, Float

Diagnostic Laboratory..... 624-3961, 624-5408

  • Meri DuRAnd, Veterinary Technician

Veterinary Technicians

  • Brenda Koniar, Standard SPF rodents, ..... 625-0923
  • Linda Kiey, Standard SPF rodents, ..... 626-3826
  • Teri Ulferts, Post-Operative Care Supervisor.....624-9170
  • Ellorie Liljequist, Post-Operative Care & Float.....626-3783
  • Allison Mayenschein, Conventional Area...626-5700
  • Angela Blum, HBSPF Area....626-8704
  • Ann Gebo, Biomedical Discovery District.....624-2131
  • Niki Larson, Biomedical Discovery District....625-2986
  • Diana Freeman, Biomedical Discovery District....625-3006
  • Juli Farnsworth, St. Paul Campus..... 624-6760
  • Christa Marten, St. Paul Campus...... 624-9256

Business Office (Billing and Animal Ordering)..... 624-6169

  • Todd Goerke, Senior Administrative Director..... 626-4401
  • Marilyn Mettenbrink, Senior Office Supervisor ..... 624-0956
  • Rita Anderson, Theresa Brown, Nancy Palm, Lynn Walters, Corajayne Murray, Brett Steger.....Accounts Specialists
  • Becky Linc, Cindi McDonald, John Rosene......Office Support Assistants

Animal Facility Resources

  • Facility Operations, Greg Steinhagen, MBA, Manager..... 626-7024
  • Operations Manager. Ed Craig.... 624-2899
  • Training Coordinator, Shannon May.... 624-9129
  • Area Supervisors
    • Standard SPF Areas:
      • Ashley Corcoran..... 624-9234
      • Kevyn Funk............ 626-0490
    • Biomedical Discovery District:
      • Jennifer Erickson..... 626-2372
      • Libby Steger.... 626-9870
      • Eric Schoen..... 624-6705
      • Brooke Hart..... 626-2372
      • Rachael Hoemke..... 625-0994
    • High Barrier SPF & Quarantine Areas: Anna Drahos..... 626-7015
    • Conventional Area: Karry Bazille..... 624-8981
    • Post-Op AreaTeri Ulferts..... 624-9170
    • St. Paul Campus: Paula Bazille..... 624-7768

Weekend supervisor numbers (working hours only, after hours contact the On Call Veterinarian)

  • Minneapolis campus.....612-527-3853 Pager - wait for the beep and put in your callback number
  • St Paul campus....612-369-7335 or -7343 Phone - if one isn't answered, please try the other

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