Who in the AHC is working on web pages?
Discussion at the initial WEBsters Meeting, July 1, 1999
Discussion at the WEBsters Meeting, and Web Development Services, July 21, 1999,
            Michael Handberg and Kari Branjord from Web Development
COMMUNICATORS FORUM MEETING: "Guidelines for Accessible Web Site Design"
    October 13, 1999. Phil Kragnes, Computer Accommodations Program
Creating Searchable Documents, November 4, 1999, Jim Hall from Web Development
Creating a Useable Web Site, December 9, 1999, Royce Shin from Web Development
Big fun with JavaScript in the real world, February 17, 2000, Mark McCahill, assistant director
            of Java and Web Services (JAWS) 
Dreamweaver, April 6, 2000, Denis Nagan, Biostatistics and Deb Alexander, Epidemiology 
Streaming Video, September 28, 2000, Mark Engebretson, Communications and Colby 
            Reese, AHC Information Systems.  This is a work in progress.  To view a University 
            site currently being used go to http://www.unite.umn.edu/streaming-video/f2000demo/
            for a demo.
Tony Mommsen, web designer with University Relations. He's seeking feedback U-wide on 
             issues related to the University's overall Web presence. He'd like to hear what we think--
             what works and what doesn't. Tony plans on identifying issues and then setting up a 
             U-wide task force to study the issues in depth.
Stacey Clawson, Instructional Design Consultant of the U's  Digital Media Center gave an
             overview of DMC's services on 1/18/01. This service is available for faculty creating
             online web courses.
Keith Dunder, AHC legal counsel, February 15, 2001, regarding an overview on Internet legal 
    issues related to privacy, trademark/copyright, and disclaimers.

Phil Kragness, adaptive technology coordinator for the U's Disability Services office, on 
            5/3/01 discussed and gave examples of making web sites accessible to persons with 
            a variety of disabilities.  Much of his focus was on accessibility to the sight impaired 
            and provided examples using a screen reader. The University is developing guidelines 
            that will require all sites to be accessible. 
            All webmasters are urged to become familiar with the University's Computer
    Accommodations Program  site for suggestions, guidelines, and references. Of particular
            interest is the Center's "Guidelines for Accessible Web Page Design."

Bob Kvavik, Associate Vice President at the University, presented the proposed, highly touted, 
            excitedly anticipated, portal for the U of M  on Sept. 6, 2001. An enterprise-wide portal  for
    the University of  Minnesota.

Mark McCahill from ADCS gave a demonstration of the prototype of the AHC Education Portal 
           Project on Oct. 4, 2001.

Melinda Voss, adjunct professor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communications, 
           and director of the Association of Health Care Journalists (http://www.ahcj.umn.edu/)
           gave an overview of that organization and how we can use our web sites to better 
           educate health care reporters. Nov. 1, 2001.

Peter Fleck, Cancer Center, on April 4, 2002 gave a demonstration on cascading style sheets (CSS). 
           His presentation and references can be found at http://starfish.cancer.umn.edu/ .  The following
           site is used by Barb Smith for validating her CSS syntax:  http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/ .

Amy Anderson, University Relations marketing director, on June 6, presented the vision of 
           U of M  Web communications and proposed changes/additions to University Web policies.

University of Minnesota Accessibility Policy for web pages to be implemented beginning June, 2002.

MyAHC, the new AHC portal project, was demonstrated by Mike Lougee on September 5, 2002.

Paul Bernhardt, School of Public Health, epidemiology, presented information on fundamental concepts
         of video on the web on October 3, 2002.

November 7, 2002 Marshall Hoff, AHC Office of Education, will demonstrate the new Polycom technology
           available at the AHC, and Steve Nguyen will demonstrate the new Macromedia Flashcom technology 
           available through the U's Academic and Distributed Computing Services. Also, Dee McManus will 
           provide an overview of the video conference technology available through the Lillehei Heart Institute.

Useful links

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U of M Institutional Relations - standards, guidelines, etc.
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1997 AHC Communications Technology Work Group reports

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