AHC Community News

For AHC students, faculty, and staff on the Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Duluth Campuses.  June 1998 Vol 1, no.8

 In this issue....
U Cancer Cntr scores triumph  
Cancer Center's bright future  
Polla - biomed eng future 
Media Watch
Cheryl Perry - tobacco's nightmare  
Incriminating evidence   
AHC forum on tobacco  
Snuffing out cigarettes - Leyasmeyer 
AHC tobacco experts 
Tobias Venner, 1638
News briefs 
Events Calendar 
White, white robin
AHC Community News is published monthly for the University of Minnesota Academic Health Center community to provide news about research, edcation, and administration.  News items may be sent to Academic Health Center Office of Communications, Box 735, 420 Delaware St. SE, or e-mailed to hayes035@tc.umn.edu. Tel: 624-5100.  For more information about the AHC, including a weekly calendar of events, refer to the home page at http://www.ahc.umn.edu.

The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer.

Senior Vice President for Health Sciences:  Frank B. Cerra
Director of Communications:  Chris Roberts
Publications Manager:  Peggy Rinard
Editor:  Jack Hayes
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